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Diamond Brothers Limited is Thailand's leading manufacturer - exporter of packaging and displays of various designs for companies with internationally renowned Brand Names. Our products are used by well-known jewelers, leading world manufacturers of watches, souvenirs, eye glasses, medals, necklaces, and pens as well as world famous fashion houses for good presentation of their products.

Cover wood box

The frame of the packaging can be made of plastic, cardboard or wood. Sizes and designs can be made to order. A wide range of standard models are available.

Our products are mainly hand made, where necessary, combined with the most modern machinery, to achieve the highest possible quality with materials such as Skivertex, velvet, Suede Luxe, Pigpell, satin, etc.

  • We are a manufacturer and "Selected List Exporter" of the Export Promotion Department, Thailandís Ministry of Commerce.
  • From basic raw materials, all production processes are carried out in our factory. Our production process includes velvet powder manufacturing, plastic injection machine, wooden frame fabrication, die-cutting, flocking, wrapping, assembling, finishing and boxing.
  • Our product range includes Jewellery Boxes made of flocked velvet plastic frame, finished surface wooden boxes, displays, pouches, paper bags, custom design boxes. We also produce and sell Velvet Powder.
  • The exclusivity and hence the desirability of your jewelry is determined by the box in which it is displayed. Let us custom make boxes to your own unique design.
  • Low minimum order requirement. Direct ex-factory prices.


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